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The Art of Qi

Coach Dayana (karate & yoga)

Coach Dayana (karate & yoga)

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Goal for students:

My primary goal in teaching yoga is to facilitate
the harmonious connection between the mind
and the body, allowing individuals to cultivate a
deeper sense of self.



Having spent years in the World of karate, both as
a practitioner and a coach, I realized I needed
something to keep me centered and calm in my
everyday life. That's when I turned to yoga. Not
only does it give me physical benefits, but it also
brings me a sense of clarity, balance and
In my class, I welcome people of all levels of
fitness. Whether you are just starting out or you
have been practicing for years, my aim is to
create an environment where everyone feels
comfortable and supported. Through yoga, I want
to help people open their hearts and minds to
personal growth and self awareness.




vinyasa yoga

Relaxing stretching 

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