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The Art of Qi

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga

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A brief about kundalini yoga:
Kundalini yoga is a combination of breath, movement, and
sound. It derives from the Sanskrit word kundal, which
translates to "coiled energy." The idea is that we all have
energy gathered at the base of our spine and, through the
practice of Kundalini, we bring that energy up our spine,
and out the crown of the head.
There's a reason why the practice has gained popularity
only recently: The ancient teachings of Kundalini yoga
were kept secret for a very long time, only taught to royalty
and nobility for thousands of years until Bhajan revealed
it's teachings.
What are the benefits?
There are a lot of reasons why people choose to practice
Kundalini-like its effect on your energy, physical and
psychological well-being.
Some of the benefits include:
1-builds strength
2- improves mood
3- lowers blood pressure
4-enhances memory and focus
5- boosts metabolism
6- to some, higher states of awareness/ consciousness.
7- removing blockages, for a happier healthier mind and

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