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The Art of Qi

Sound Healing (groups)

Sound Healing (groups)

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in this therapy all you need to do is lay down.

the practitioner has multiple tools, that create soothing sounds. Penetrating through the system for a highly effective relaxing and healing experience

Studies on the effect of sound:

a review of 400 published scientific articles on music as
medicine found strong evidence that music has mental and
physical health benefits in improving mood and reducing
stress. in fact rhythm in particular over melody can provide
physical pain relief. one study published in the Journal of
evidence based integrative medicine found that an hour-
long sound meditation helps people reduce tension anger
fatigue anxiety and depression, while increasing a sense of
spiritual well-being.
(this is just the tip of the iceberg)
about the instructor:
has taken multiple trainings in a variety of sound healing
instruments including a level three practitioner certificate
in sound healing from California. accredited 500 hour yoga
teacher training including other wellness practices.

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